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  • The Creative Curriculum®

    KCAA provides children with high quality, systematic, research-based curricula.The Creative Curriculum® is used in all classrooms with the additional component of The Scholastic Early Childhood Program® implemented in our Pre-Kindergarten and HI5 classrooms. These curricula meet the Hawaii Preschool Content Standards and prepare children for future school success in Kindergarten and beyond. All of our classroom staff receives specialized training in these curricula to help ensure the successful implementation of both programs.  With the combination of these two methods of teaching and learning children leave the KCAA Pre-Kindergarten program prepared to enter Kindergarten ready to succeed.

    A main component of The Creative Curriculum® is the Objectives for Development and Learning, a developmentally appropriate and research based progression, which shows the sequence of steps children take as they master skills in all areas of development. The teachers use this tool to complete a comprehensive assessment of each child’s development two times a year. The information about your child gained from this assessment will be shared with you during Parent Conferences which are formally held twice a year.

    This curriculum also features an internet-based resource center which provides teachers with a variety of additional planning tools to help them design meaningful lesson plans for your child.

    Teaching Strategies GOLD Assessment System