KCAA Preschools


Enrollment Information

To begin the enrollment process, please request a Waitlist Application from the school that you would like your child to attend.  Each of our three preschools maintains its own waitlist.

If you have not yet decided on a school, review the school locations and the descriptions provided on each school page.  You may then contact the Center Director by email or phone, as shown on the school page.

The Center Director will answer all of your questions and will give you a rough estimate of the waiting time for an enrollment offer (our projected openings are often booked far in advance).  You will be invited to visit the school and take a tour.  The Center Director will get your name and address and mail you a brochure, tuition information, and a waitlist application.

For more information or to request a Waitlist Application be sent to you, please click on the Preschool you are interested in below: